Shop, meet, care!

You can actually do all these things with joy at recently renovated shopping centre GO9. From the favourite brands of apparel, shoes, cosmetics stores to youth visited party places or reputable restaurants. Renewed shopping centre is a great combination of Scandinavian minimalism and Italian modernity. It is a place to meet, taste unexpected flavours, purchase stylish items or, for those saving time, to take care of an important matters.


Shop @GO9


Centres location, the main capital street, dictates the shopping centres range of goods itself. Trendy clothes, footwear, healthy cosmetics products, and jewellery – everyone from business casual style lovers to youth hipsters will find a full range of brands like H&M and H&M HomeLindex, AboutPremium, The Dark, Frank Walder, WAWARimowaThe Body Shop, Šveicarija, Beauty Nail, Vaga, Gintarinė Vaistinė and others. Those who rush can find food in modern Market Hall: food, beverage shops Bottlery, Coffee Inn, AJ Šokoladas, Soul&Pepper, MonAmiDonut LABMajai, Gėrybių ragas, The Juice Room, Yogoland, Steak Supply, supermarket Rimi and more cosy stores, which will be comfortably situated on level -1. 


Meet @GO9


Are you a representative of the business? Welcome for a lunch with colleagues and taste the most delicious burger at Studio9. For business dinner you should try chef’s masterpieces at restaurant Carré. Are you a student? Grab a large cup of Coffee Inn coffee, muffin from MonAmi bakery and have at least 5 minutes of rest at lounge areas. Are you a rushing woman? Take your time at Vaga bookstore sipping hot chocolate from Huracan Coffee. Having a girlfriend’s time? Go directly to The Juice Room – for a sup of juice, then straight to the Beauty nails or Luxura. Just for a personal beauty tricks. By the way, you are wellcome with your smart dog, because we are pet friendly shopping centre and appreciate the responsible dog owners.


Care @GO9


We all miss the 25th hour a day. However, there are matters that need to be sorted out. When you rush, here in just a free minute you can organize banking affairs, treat your beauty, buy tickets to the theatre at Tiketa, renew your jacket at Joglė laundry, resume clothing at A&A sewing studio and take care of many other small but important piece of work.




GO9 is perhaps the only shopping centre in Vilnius that combines historic architecture with modernity. Built in 1873, in was Graph Lieutenant General Dimitry Mavros residence. At the beginning of 20th century it was the first Vilnius nightclub “Palas de Dance”, later it housed the various newspaper editorials, government, was a building of Vilnius City Municipality. In 2005, Irish company purchased the building. It was renovated and already in 2007 began to act as a shopping centre. In 2012, shopping centre acquired by Swedish investment company East Capital. GO9 was reconstructed by combining Scandinavian minimalism, Italian modernity and historical architectural heritage traditions.

In 2013, at the end of September, earlier and a part of new traders started to act. Existing visitors and new customers will appreciate substantially updated interior, monthly growing new shops, restaurants, cafes number.